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About V Best Friends Forever

About V Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever is about three friends Sajana, Ela and Vinnie who come from diverse backgrounds and proclaim themselves as each other’s ‘Best Friends Forever’.

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V Best Friends Forever
Professor Anu gets arrested
Sanju learns that Sahil is her stalker. Sahil confesses that he murdered Rohan. Sanju and Varun help the police to arrest Sahil for murdering Rohan. Professor Anu injects poison into Sahil's body in order to conceal her crimes. Varun becomes shocked on seeing a bottle of poison in Professor Anu's room. Ela, Vinnie and Sanju become shocked on learning about the same from Pammi. Professor Anu confesses to Ela, Sanju and Vinnie that she kept Rohan's body in the boot of Vinnie's car.

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  • Vinnie's mother asks her not to go out at night. However, she accompanies Varun and Ela to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Varun taunts Vinnie on her dressing style. Ela feels awkward when Vinnie changes her dress in the car. Meanwhile, Sanju feels glad on meeting Varun and his friends. Ela intends to impress Varun and expects him to propose to her. Varun’s friends enjoy traveling with him. Varun forgets the direction while driving and stops the car on the way.

  • Varun's friends search for him. After meeting, they scold him for taking wrong direction. Varun and Ela enjoy the Valentine's Day party. Meanwhile, Sanju and Vinnie talk about their boyfriends. Sanju feels glad on meeting Sahil in the party. Varun flirts with Sanju, Vinnie and Ela. Finally, he professes his love to Ela in the party. Sanju feels disappointed with Varun and slaps him when he pretends to love her. Ela becomes annoyed with Sanju.