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  • Join Maddy, Jo, Urvashi, Bappa, Nikki and Rocky, as they try to understand the opposite sex in ‘It’s Complicated: Relationship Ka Naya Status’, starting on 29th Nov, every Friday and Saturday at 6:00pm, on Channel V.

  • Sadda haq is about a girl who challenges the misogynistic world and breaks the stereotypes. Sanyukta Agarwal, a young girl from Delhi, who believes that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

  • Vaibhav Sharma takes you on a journey to meet people like you, who have stories like yours. If you want us to feature your story with us, write at

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Past Shows

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  • Destiny brings four students from different backgrounds to an elite school, "Maurya High". These ambitious teens have their own priorities and come together to form the music group "Remix"

  • Best Friends Forever is about three friends Sajana, Ela and Vinnie who come from diverse backgrounds and proclaim themselves as each other’s ‘Best Friends Forever’.

  • V The Buddy Project is about students from Royal academy who are bright yet...

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