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The Buddies have moved to college and this is one life-changing move that they will always remember. While they still try to get rid of their emotional baggage of the past, it seems like future is already throwing things at them. College life is full of ups and downs and the buddies don’t seem to be adapting too well at the start. Will everyone who moved to Imperial College see eye to eye with the seniors?

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The Buddy Project- Now In College
KD and Kiya reach a truce
Kiya and KD decide to put aside their differences and behave cordially with each other. Ranveer calls Samar to hack into the college website and access Rukmini's exam results. Anirudh and Sophia find out that Ranveer had hacked the website. Anirudh gifts books to Sophia. Avantika promises to find out the issues in Ranveer's life to help Piddi. In return, she questions Piddi about Anirudh's hobbies. Piddi tells her that Anirudh does not have any friends. Rukmini hides from Ranveer in the library.

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  • The Chillars and Dhakkans suspect each other when KD and Kiya go missing. Kiya threatens to have KD rusticated from the college if he fails to get her out of the restroom. KD plans to trigger the fire alarm in the restroom. Kiya refuses to cooperate with him. She climbs on top of a dustbin to reach the fire alarm. KD catches her as she falls down. Finally, the two of them work together and hit the fire alarm. Omi, Piddi, Avi and Ranveer get them out of the restroom.

  • Panchi performs first in the talent show of the freshers' meet. The Chillars think that she belongs to the Dhakkan group, while the Dhakkans think that she is representing the Chillars. The secretary of the college welcomes Anirudh to the function. Avantika uses gas bomb and ruins Panchi's performance. The Chillars and Dhakkans attack each other. Anirudh puts an end to KD and Ranveer's fight. The buddy group feels guilty for disappointing him.