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Topper of the year, is an inspiring, rousing coming of age tale of an entire generation of youngsters studying at DPSC, a prestigious college in Delhi. It's a humorous and riveting campus drama that states that there's more to this Facebook generation than ipod and low-waist jeans.


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Suvreen Guggal
Alisha feels betrayed by her friends
Naro and Annie try to find out Suvreen's reply to Yuvraj's proposal, but Zorro stops them. Suvreen asks Yuvraj to meet her in the college storeroom where she had once professed her feelings for him. Yuvraj becomes elated when she inadvertently confesses her love for him in a rant. They hug each other. Mannu, Rathi and the rest of the gang rejoice on learning that Suvreen and Yuvraj have gotten together. Meanwhile, Rehan Charles plans a vacation with Vivan. Alisha feels betrayed by her friends.

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  • Samar brings Suvreen's parents to the shooting spot. Suvreen becomes surprised on seeing her parents. Rathi plays a prank on Samar to ruin his shooting for "Bhoot Bangla". Yuvraj misunderstands on seeing Suvreen's closeness with Rehan Charles. Samar becomes unconscious, as Rathi frightens him. Suvreen becomes dejected after kissing Rehan Charles, by mistake. Samar regains his consciousness. Aishwarya wants to discuss with him about the project. Suvreen becomes elated on seeing Vivan.

  •   JD wants to discuss about designing with Suvreen, and desires to meet her, in her office. However, Suvreen asks her to meet outside, as she wants to conceal about the matter from Rehan Charles. She panics on seeing JD in The Iris, and tries to hide from her. Preeti helps Suvreen to hide in the office, while Rehan Charles searches for her. JD and Rehan Charles become elated on meeting each other. Rehan Charles shows the designs of his students to her. Yuvraj and Suvreen fail to contact each other.