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  • Episode : 312

    Sanyukta motivates Priyali to enrich her knowledge in engineering. She wants Priyali to compete against Rajveer. Amidst the various obstacles, Sanyukta and Randhir spend some time together.

  • Episode : 311

    Randhir strives to stay at Sanyukta's house. Sanyukta encounters various impediments at the coaching institute. Sanyukta is determined to educate Priyali but Vikram insists Priyali to work as a receptionist. Rajveer continues misbehaving with Priyali.

  • Episode : 310

    The obstacles persist in Sanyukta's life. She is fed-up with Rajveer's disgraceful acts at the institute. Rajveer ill treats a receptionist. Sanyukta's trouble leaves Randhir disturbed and he is keen to get into a living-in relationship with her.

  • Episode : 309

    Sanyukta succeeds in getting an accommodation. Randhir is annoyed with her for not spending time with him. Sanyukta proves Rajveer's misconduct. She raises her voice against Vikram and Rajveer. Rajveer boasts about his intelligence and intends to ruin Sanyukta's class.

  • Episode : 308

    Sanyukta proves Rajveer's misconduct and refuses to apologise to him. She raises her voice against Vikram and Rajveer for troubling her. Rajveer boasts of his intelligence and intends to ruin Sanyukta's class.

  • Episode : 307

    Sanyukta manages to teach the students at Thanvi Coaching Centre but Vikram berates her for misbehaving with Rajveer in the class. Randhir is annoyed with Sanyukta for not spending enough time with him

  • Episode : 306

    Sanyukta succeeds in getting an accommodation and tries to adjust with the new environment. Just, when the tensions ease for her, Vikram insists Sanyukta to leave the institute.

  • Episode : 305

    Varun attempts to clear his misconception regarding Vidushi and reminisces about their past relationship. Sanyukta strives to find an accommodation with Randhir’s help.

  • Episode : 304

    Sanyukta raises her voice against the student's boycott and Vikram asks her to leave the coaching institute. Sanyukta is forced to vacate her hostel room because of her financial crisis. She refuses to seek financial support from Randhir and the students.

  • Episode : 303

    Vikram reluctantly appoints Sanyukta as faculty at the institute and offers her a salary based on performance. Sanyukta is unable to handle the situation at the coaching institute. She is disappointed with the behaviour of Vikram and the students.