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  • Episode : 41

    Mr. Kharbanda repents for shooting Yudi, by mistake and gets him admitted to the hospital. He vents his anger on a doctor. The doctor informs Mr. Kharbanda that Yudi's condition is critical. Roshni worries about the same. Mr. Kataria forbids Roshni from taking revenge on Neha's offenders, and urges her to return home. Nikhil shows his concern for Roshni, and learns about Shivani's abduction. Gauri and her gang trap Roshni, as Shivani reveals to them about her ploy against them.

  • Episode : 40

    Shivani reveals to Roy that Roshni had attacked him, Nihaal and Zara. Roshni plots to attack Yudi. She does not accompany Mr. Kharbanda when he goes hunting in the forest. Roshni learns that Gauri and Yudi are going on a date near the lake, which is adjacent to the forest. She plays sounds of tiger in a tape recorder. On hearing the sounds, Mr. Kharbanda comes to the area. He shoots Yudi, mistaking him to be an animal.

  • Episode : 39

    Roshni plans to attack Yudi. Gauri and her gang enjoy swimming. Pariwa tries to prove to Roshni that Gauti was in love with her. She behaves violently with Gauti when he insists her to take medicine. Gauti makes Roshni understand that he was not in love with Pariwa, and professes his love to her. They spend some time together. Roy ill treats Shivani. He insists her to disclose the name of the person who had attacked him, Zara and Nihaal.

  • Episode : 38

    Roshni tries to electrocute Yudi, but in vain. Yudi's sister, Pariwa, distracts Roshni's attention. She misbehaves with Roshni for befriending Gauti. Gauti reveals to Roshni that Pariwa had tried to win his love, but he was not interested in her. He professes his love to Roshni. Mr. Kharbanda plans to go hunting. Roshni wants to attack Yudi, and discusses about the same with Nikhil. Roy decides to learn about Roshni's secret from Shivani.    

  • Episode : 37

    Roshni proves to Gauri that she has not attacked her gang members. She pretends to be loyal to them. Roy believes that Roshni is the culprit, and tries to attack her. Gauri becomes furious at Roy for the same. She slaps Roy for misbehaving with Gauti. Yudi shows his concern for Roy, and suspects Roshni's intention. However, Roshni succeeds in winning Gauri's confidence. Nikhil reveals to Roshni about Yudi's atrocities against Neha. Roshni vows to take revenge on Yudi.

  • Episode : 36

    Gauti worries on not finding Roshni, and searches for her. Nihaal suspects Roy's ill intention against Roshni. Roshni gets stuck in a swamp, and strives to get out of it. Gauti rescues her. He learns that Roy had attempted to kill her. Gauri and Gauti rebuke Roy for the same. Roy makes Gauri and her gang realise that Roshni had attacked him, Nihaal and Zara. He tells them that he wants to destroy Roshni. Gauri gathers evidence against Roshni. She interrogates Roshni.

  • Episode : 35

    On the insistence of Gauri and her gang, Roshni accompanies them to the farmhouse. Roy removes the brake of Roshni's motorcycle. Roshni remains ignorant of the same. The gang members race with each other. They become anxious on not finding Roshni. Nikhil worries about Roshni's whereabouts, and fails to contact her. He learns about Yudi's atrocities against Neha. Shivani vows to win Nikhil's love. Roshni meets with an accident, and falls in a trench.

  • Episode : 34

    Mr. Kataria insists Roshni to leave the college, but she refuses. On Roshni's insistence, he allows her to fight against Neha's offenders. He recalls about Mr. Kharbanda's misdeeds. Roy sends text messages to his gang members after gathering evidences against Roshni. He tries to make them realise that Roshni had attacked him, Zara and Nihaal. Mr. Kharbanda invites Gauri and her gang to his farmhouse. They plan to attack Roshni, and insist her to accompany them to the farmhouse. Roy intends to destroy Roshni.

  • Episode : 33

    Yudi tries to make Gauri realise that someone is conspiring against their gang. Roshni's father, Mr. Kataria, forbids her from taking revenge on Neha's offenders. He reveals to Roshni that a M.P., Mr. Kharbanda, had attempted to attack her. Mr. Kataria informs Roshni that he was compelled to withdraw Neha's murder case for her safety. Mr. Kharbanda meets his son, Yudi, and his gang. Roy gathers evidences against Roshni, and learns that she had attacked him, Nihaal and Zara. 

  • Episode : 32

    Roy worries about his condition. Zara and Nihaal show their concern for him. Roy becomes depressed on learning that Zara does not love him. Out of frustration, he consumes drugs, and attempts to commit suicide. Gauri and her gang stop him from doing so. Shivani blackmails Roshni that she will be ruining her and Nikhil's relationship. On her insistence, Roshni abuses Nikhil. Nikhil reveals to Shivani that he does not love her. He makes Shivani realise about Roshni's loyalty towards him.