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  • Episode : 68

    Roshni and Nikhil punish Gauri and her gang, during the confession session. On their insistence, Roy, Gauti and Gauri confess to ill treating Neha. Roshni learns that Gauti had attempted to molest Neha. Gauri and her gang had pushed Neha off the roof of a building, and killed her. Gauri confesses to killing Neha. Later, Gauti and Gauri die in an accident, while fighting against each other. The police arrest Roy, Yudi and Zara. Roshni feels relieved after getting justice for Neha.

  • Episode : 67

    Nikhil and Roshni succeed in trapping Gauri, Zara, Yudi, Roy and Gauti. Gauri and her gang panic on finding themselves in a hideout. They suffer on consuming a spiked drink. Roshni and Nikhil conduct a confession session for Gauri and her gang, to learn about their misdeeds against Neha. They punish the gang, and threaten to kill them in a bomb blast, if they do not confess to their crime. On Nikhil and Roshni's insistence, the gang confesses to torturing Neha.

  • Episode : 66

    Roshni and Nikhil confront Gauri and her gang for torturing Pariwa. Roshni learns that Gauti is not Neha's murderer. Gauri and her gang attempt to kill Roshni and Nikhil in a bomb blast. However, Nikhil and Roshni manage to rescue themselves, but pretend to be dead. Pariwa informs Gauti that Nikhil and Roshni died in an accident. Nikhil frees Gauti from the jail. Gauri and her gang visit the mortuary, and become assured of Nikhil and Roshni's deaths. Pariwa spikes their drinks, while they celebrate a party.

  • Episode : 65

    Gauti suffers severe injury after meeting with the accident. Roshni and Nikhil admit him to the hospital, and inform the police. Roshni ceases the fight against Gauri and her gang. Shivani becomes sad on not being able to win Nikhil's love. Pariwa meets Gauti in the hospital, and tries to make him realise his mistake. She becomes shocked on learning that Gauri had killed Neha. Pariwa records Gauri's statements when she reveals about her misdeeds in front of her gang and Gauti.

  • Episode : 64

    Yudi makes Roshni realise about Gauti's atrocities against Neha. Gauri and her gang succeed in trapping Gauti and Roshni. Roy pretends to be a police constable, and calls Roshni. He informs Roshni about Gauti's whereabouts. Nikhil accompanies Roshni when she goes in search of Gauti. They locate Gauti. Gauti attempts to shoot them. Nikhil and Roshni fight against Gauti. Gauti meets with an accident, while trying to escape.

  • Episode : 63

    Gauri reveals to Roshni that Gauti is Neha's murderer. She asks Roshni not to harm her gang. Gauri becomes glad on meeting Zara and Roy. Roy is released from the jail, on bail. Nikhil professes his love to Roshni, and makes her realise about his concern for her. He urges Roshni not to ruin her own life for Neha's sake. Yudi attacks Roshni, but Nikhil rescues her. The Dean expresses his grief about Nihaal's death. Gauri vows to destroy Roshni.

  • Episode : 62

    Roshni conceals her identity, to escape from the police. She and Nikhil succeed in catching Gauti, and confiscate his laptop. They help Gauri in cracking Gauti's password. Gauri feels relieved on finding her video. The police arrest Gauri and Nikhil for hiding Roshni. Nikhil and Gauri prove Roshni's innocence to the police. Nikhil informs the police that Gauti is Nihaal's murderer. A stranger tries to attack Roshni, but she rescues herself. Roshni gets released on bail after she surrenders to the police.

  • Episode : 61

    Roshni learns from Nikhil that Neha was murdered. Gauri reveals to Nikhil that Gauti killed Nihaal. She asks Nikhil to delete her video from Gauti's files. Gauri assures Nikhil of getting Roshni released from jail. On Gauri's insistence, Nikhil strives to hack Gauti's phone. He fails to crack Gauti's password. Shivani discloses to Roshni that Gauti is Neha's murderer. Roshni escapes from jail with the help of her cell mate. Nikhil and Gauri help Roshni in escaping from the police.

  • Episode : 60

    Nikhil tries to persuade the police about Roshni's innocence. The police forbid Nikhil from meeting Roshni in the jail. During the investigation, Shivani informs the police that Roshni is behind Nihaal's murder. Roshni regrets killing Nihaal. She is tortured by a cellmate in the jail. Nikhil is eager to learn about Neha's offender. Gauti blackmails Gauri to conceal his crime. Gauri intends to disclose his misdeeds. She strives to retrieve a footage related to Gauti's offence.

  • Episode : 59

      Gauri plans with Gauti to frame Roshni for murdering Nihaal. Roshni confronts Nihaal when he tortures her at gun point. She manages to take Nihaal's pistol and tries to defend herself. Meanwhile, Gauti sneaks behind Roshni's room. He shoots Nihaal. Roshni remains ignorant about the same and thinks that she has shot Nihaal, by mistake. The police arrest Roshni for killing Nihaal. Gauti blackmails Gauri. He discloses to Gauri that he has murdered Nihaal, and replaced the pistol.