Paanch: 5 Wrongs Make A Right

About Paanch: 5 Wrongs Make A Right

PAANCH is the story of 18 year-old Roshni, a shy girl who enters a college in Mumbai to ‘right some wrongs.’ She takes upon the mammoth task of transforming herself into someone who she isn’t, unforgiving and brutal. She is on the mission to avenge the wrongs of the past. Her target – five seniors of her college. She believes that reaction isn’t going to get her anywhere, and to make a difference, she will need to act. What’s her story? Can a single meek girl take down a group of five seasoned college bullies? Will Roshni be able to get closure for her past wounds? To find out, tune in to ‘Paanch – 5 Wrongs, Make A Right’ every Wednesday and Thursday, at 6pm.

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