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  • Join Maddy, Jo, Urvashi, Bappa, Nikki and Rocky, as they try to understand the opposite sex in ‘It’s Complicated: Relationship Ka Naya Status’, starting on 29th Nov, every Friday and Saturday at 6:00pm, on Channel V.

  • Sadda haq is about a girl who challenges the misogynistic world and breaks the stereotypes. Sanyukta Agarwal, a young girl from Delhi, who believes that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

  • Vaibhav Sharma takes you on a journey to meet people like you, who have stories like yours. If you want us to feature your story with us, write at

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Past Shows

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  • Destiny brings four students from different backgrounds to an elite school, "Maurya High". These ambitious teens have their own priorities and come together to form the music group "Remix"

  • Best Friends Forever is about three friends Sajana, Ela and Vinnie who come from diverse backgrounds and proclaim themselves as each other’s ‘Best Friends Forever’.

  • V The Buddy Project is about students from Royal academy who are bright yet...

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  • Sharon sees Swayam working out and realises that he is disturbed. She forces him to dance with her to divert his mind. They practice a duet routine, which brings them close. Tani and Rey put aside their differences. Rey becomes troubled when Tani tells him that her future plan is to become his wife and nothing else. He feels that she should focus on choosing a career to have her own identity.

  • Sanyukta wants to pursue mechanical engineering in FITE, Roorkee. She helps her friend Kannika to smoke. Later, Sanyukta fixes a generator. Sanyukta tries to check on a laptop whether she has cleared the entrance exam, but in vain. She visits FITE to check her result. She solves a problem which is written on the notice board. She becomes delighted as she clears the entrance exam. Sanyukta's father becomes infuriated on learning the same, as he believes that mechanical engineering is a subject for boys.

  • Roshni vows to take revenge on Gauri, Yudi, Nihaal, Roy and Zara, for ruining Neha's life in Regents College. She recalls about their atrocities against Neha. On Zara's insistence, Roshni participates in the election campaign. She cuts Gauri's banner when Zara confronts Gauri's opponent, Rajat. Gauri organises a party for the freshers. On Gauri's insistence, Roshni burns Rajat's banner in the party. Roshni mixes sleeping pills in Gauri's water and locks her inside the room. Gauri drinks the same.

  • Vaibhav Sharma decides to commit suicide. He tries to kill himself by various methods, but in vain. Vaibhav is poor in his studies. He tries to jump off the terrace. Vaibhav is interested in art and design. He loves Gauri. Uday invites him for a party and he collides with the cake while dancing. He decides to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills, but the medical store keeper catches hold of him. However, he gets the sleeping pills and consumes all.

  • Sia becomes overwhelmed on imagining her life with Raghav. She panics, thinking about her wishes coming true. She is in a dilemma as she keeps seeing Raghav in her dreams and doubts if Kabir has drugged her food. Later, Sia becomes emotional on seeing Raghav in front of her. Sia and Raghav share their feelings for each other. Raghav asks her to thank Kabir for arranging their meet. Aaliya pretends to flirt with Raghav to make Arjun jealous. Finally, Arjun professes his love to Aaliya.

  • Vardhan gives a task of asking questions against each other in a group. Sanyukta reaches the finals by asking a question on girl power which hurts Randhir's sentiments. Kaustuki becomes upset with Jignesh's changed behaviour. Randhir challenges Sanyukta to display her physical strength by moving a rack in the library. Sanyukta and Randhir get locked in the library. Sanyukta gets scared of Randhir, and tells him that they will get disqualified from the competition if they do not go to the lab.