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About Gumrah Season 3

About Gumrah Season 3
End Of Innocence...
V Gumrah - The End of Innocence, is a show where Channel V brings to you some real life shocking teen crime cases..

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Gumrah Season 3
Shreya loses her life due to a foul prank
Shreya's parents admit her in a boarding school. She befriends Nikita, Pallabi and Shruti, but they take advantage of her simplicity. Shreya falls in love with Anup, and starts dating him. She begins lying to her parents. On learning that Shreya kissed Anup, her friends play a prank on her. Shreya becomes worried when they tell her that she is pregnant. To conceal her embarrassment, she tries to search for a remedy on the internet. Later, she dies while trying to abort herself.

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  • The full episode of today’s Gumrah, Season 3, discusses about the judgment of panchayat, regarding rape victims. Manoj professes his love to Akanksha, but she denies him. Manoj believes that Akanksha refused him because of their caste difference. Meanwhile, the panchayat orders a man to marry the girl, whom he raped. Manoj assumes that the panchayat will get him married to Akanksha, if he molests her. But, Akanksha's father complains to the police and brings him to justice.

  • Pratim, a 16 year old boy, falls in love with Nalini, a mother of 7 year old kid. Pratim's parents become furious at him for being close to Nalini. Pratim professes his love to Nalini, but she denies. Out of anger, he kills Nalini's son.