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  • Episode : 985

    Raghav's doctor is worried about his ailment, and advises him to take care of his health. Swayam becomes upset with Sharon for playing a prank on him. He remains ignorant of Sharon's feelings for him. The D3 team enjoys the delicious food, cooked by Huma and Simi. Sarah is elated on building her affinity with Rey. Lakhan and Alok intend to trouble the D3 team. Lakhan threatens the D3 team to leave Dholgaon. Rey and Swayam protest against him. 

  • Episode : 984

    Despite suffering from brain tumour, Raghav's will power motivates him to lead a happy and cheerful life. He tries to cheer Ishika. Huma confronts Karma for taunting her. Rey strives to stay away from Sarah. The D3 team celebrates a get-together in Dholgaon. Lakhan keeps an eye on Rey and Sarah, and plans with his associates to attack the D3 team. Eventually, Sarah succeeds in befriending Rey.

  • Episode : 983

    Sharon is eager to establish an intimate relationship with Swayam. Rey remains sad on reminiscing about Kriya. He is grateful to Sarah for enlightening the residents of Dholgaon about the importance of dance. Sarah professes her love to Rey after learning about his break-up with Kriya. However, Rey rejects her proposal. Sarah becomes upset with Rey's gesture. Huma is ignorant that Raghav has brain tumour, and tries to build his relationship with Ishika.

  • Episode : 982

    Under Lakhan's guidance, his gang ill treats the D3 team, and restricts them from re-establishing the dance culture in Dholgaon. However, the D3 team protests against their decision. On being motivated by Sarah, the D3 team demonstrates their skills in front of the villagers, in order to win their confidence. A doctor informs Raghav that he has brain tumour. Raghav breaks down into tears on thinking about his ailment. He vents his frustration on Ishika for being over concerned about him.

  • Episode : 981

    Rey and Sharon are worried about Sarah's whereabouts, and search for her in Dholgaon. They feel relieved on finding Sarah. Rey becomes emotional on recalling Kriya. Swayam and Sharon are interrupted by the D3 boys, while they spend some time together. Rey and Sharon teach few dance steps to the D3 team. Meanwhile, Ishika is worried as Raghav's health has deteriorated. Swayam vows to retain his relationship with Sharon, and reminisces about her.

  • Episode : 980

    Sharon tries to console Sarah. The village head becomes delighted on seeing his brother, Lakhan. He informs Lakhan that the D3 team wants to re-establish the dance culture in Dholgaon. Lakhan informs the village head that he will throw the D3 team out of Dholgaon. Swayam becomes furious at Lakhan for insulting Sharon. Lakhan makes fun of Rey, Swayam and Sharon. He asks them to leave Dholgaon. Rey apologises to Sharon for his rude behaviour towards Sarah. He decides to apologise to Sarah.

  • Episode : 979

    An infuriated Rey refuses to share his personal life with Sarah. Sarah apologises to Rey for interfering in his personal life. Rey informs Swayam about Sarah's behaviour towards him. Sarah enquires Bharat and Amar about Rey. Nilesh and Vicky ask Swayam to make Sharon feel jealous. Swayam tries to do the same, but fails. Rey becomes furious at Sarah for her behaviour. He apologises to Swayam for misbehaving with Sarah. 

  • Episode : 978

    Swayam makes fun of Rey. Sharon informs her friends that Sarah will sing a song for them. Swayam eavesdrops on Sharon's conversation with Sarah. Karma, Huma, Ishika and Raghav leave for Dholgaon, to help the D3 team. Later, Chintu informs Rey and the D3 team that the village head wants to throw them out of Dholgaon. The D3 team decides to give a dance performance on the occasion of Diwali. They become surprised on seeing Karma, Huma, Ishika and Raghav in Dholgaon. 

  • Episode : 977

    Swayam informs Nilesh that Sharon has made the necessary arrangements, required to profess his love to Simi. Nilesh professes his love to Simi, and proposes her for marriage. Simi agrees to marry Nilesh. Sharon introduces her cousin sister, Sarah, to her friends. On overhearing the telephonic conversation of the village head, Chintu learns that he wants to throw the D3 team out of Dholgaon. Sarah informs Rey that she is making a documentary on him.

  • Episode : 976

    Simi informs Rey that she will be returning to Mumbai. On Rey's request, Simi agrees to stay in Dholgaon. Rey informs his friends about his plan of rebuilding the theatre. The D3 team decides to meet the village head. Rey informs the village head that the D3 team wants to re-establish the dance culture in their village. The village head asks the D3 team to demonstrate their skills. The villagers make fun of the D3 team. The village head agrees to help the team in re-establishing the dance culture.