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  • Episode : 1029

    Karma decides to reveal his secret to Huma in order to clear their misconceptions. Rey is dejected about the many impediments as he strives to arrange money for Oberoi and the D3 team works hard to help Rey.

  • Episode : 1028

    Swayam is distressed to learn that his brother is stalking Sharon. Sharon warns Swayam and his family to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Karma feels guilty about hurting Huma. Oberoi gives a deadline to Rey to pay him Rs 2.5 crore.

  • Episode : 1027

    Rey panics thinking that Sarah is pregnant and fails to concentrate on music. He is worried about not being able to complete the project of Dholgaon. Meanwhile, Sharon accuses Swayam of stalking her, infuriating Swayam.

  • Episode : 1026

    Swayam and Sharon reprimand each other. However, Simi tries to clear their misconception. The D3 team organises a farewell party for Raghav before he leaves for USA for his medical treatment. Oberoi tortures Rey for money.

  • Episode : 1025

    Ishika reveals to the D3 boys and girls that Raghav is suffering from a brain tumour. Rey vents his frustration for not achieving his goal and is dejected to learn about Raghav's ailment. Swayam and Sharon disguise themselves in order to apprehend the stalker.

  • Episode : 1024

    Ishika bursts into tears on learning that Raghav has brain tumour. Meanwhile, the D3 boys make fun of Rey and Sarah's relationship. Sharon is irritated to receive anonymous phone calls and text messages, and suspects Swayam for it.

  • Episode : 1023

    Rey and Sarah try to maintain their distance from each other. Sharon tries to sympathise with a distressed Sarah. Raghav's illness distresses Ishika. Huma continues to conspire against Karma.

  • Episode : 1022

    Rey saves Sarah from an accident and takes care of her. The D3 team is shocked to learn about their affair. Meanwhile, Swayam is mocked by the students and he suspects Sharon's involvement.

  • Episode : 1021

    Sharon helps Swayam to get out of the library. Rey is worried about his intimate relationship with Sarah. Huma is determined to teach Karma a lesson. Sharon thinks that Swayam is in a relationship with a new girl. Meanwhile, Rey leads his music team.

  • Episode : 1020

    The D3 boys and girls spend some quality time together, while the hostility between Swayam and Sharon persists. Karma is optimistic about winning Huma's confidence. Later, Sharon and Swayam accidentally get locked up inside the library.