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  • Episode : 994

    Ishika remains annoyed with Raghav's gesture, and refuses to support him. Swayam and Sharon spend some time together. Sharon becomes glad on learning about his feelings for her. She becomes overwhelmed with joy after Swayam decides to marry her. The D3 team congratulates them on getting engaged. Bharat, Nilesh, Vicky and Amar organise a party for the D3 team. Raghav and Ishika strive to express their feelings for each other. 

  • Episode : 993

    Rey complains against Lakhan and Alok's misdemeanour to the village head. However, the village head refuses to believe Rey. The D3 team celebrates a get-together. Later, Sarah's disappearance from Dholgaon makes them distressed, and they search for her. Raghav apologises to Ishika for taunting her. Sarah organises a surprise party on the occasion of Kriya's birthday, and informs the D3 team. Rey remains sad on missing Sarah in the party. He vows to teach a lesson to Lakhan and Alok.

  • Episode : 992

    The shopkeepers of Dholgaon refuse to sell their products to Swayam and Sharon. Sharon becomes incensed at them for the same. However, Swayam manages to calm her. Later, he plays a prank on Sharon. Rey remains frustrated on recalling Kriya. Sarah learns about Kriya's hatred for Rey. Swayam informs Rey about the hostile behaviour of the shopkeepers. Huma assures Ishika that Raghav loves her. Karma is in love with Huma, and is eager to propose to her.

  • Episode : 991

    Alok humiliates Rey and Sarah on seeing them together, and gives them a deadline to leave Dholgaon. Rey confronts Alok for the same. The D3 team becomes impressed with Ishika's new look. However, Ishika remains sad with Raghav for not praising her. The D3 boys tease Karma about Huma. Karma challenges them that he will impress Huma. Swayam strives to propose to Sharon. Rey repents as he forgot to wish Kriya on her birthday.

  • Episode : 990

    Sarah wants to make Rey realise that he will not be able to accomplish his goal without the support of the D3 team. For the sake of the team's recreation, Sarah organises a kite flying game. However, Rey refuses to participate. Huma helps Ishika in embellishing her beauty, in order to impress Raghav. Sarah is happy on being associated with Rey. Swayam professes his love to Sharon.

  • Episode : 989

    Sarah succeeds in seeking Rey's attention, and spends some time with him. She is adamant on winning his love. However, Rey is ignorant that Sarah has fallen in love with him. With Lakhan's guidance, a builder threatens Rey and his team to leave Dholgaon, at the earliest. Huma supports Ishika in building her relationship with Raghav. Rey does not want the D3 team to become Lakhan's victim, and urges them to leave Dholgaon. However, the team refuses.

  • Episode : 988

    Sharon pretends to fall sick, in order to seek Swayam's attention. Swayam manages to cheer her. Huma and Karma spend some time together. The D3 team pays their gratitude to Chintu's parents for showing their hospitality towards them. Rey fights against Alok for badmouthing about the D3 girls. Lakhan plans to attack the D3 team. Swayam decides to take action against him. Ishika shows her concern for Raghav. Huma is eager to learn about their relationship. 

  • Episode : 987

    Sarah surprises Rey by sneaking into his house, late in the night, and spends some time with him. Alok keeps an eye on Rey and Sarah, and intends to trouble them. Rey remains disturbed on recalling Lakhan's threats. He is ignorant of Sarah's feelings for him. They both play a prank on each other. Ishika dreams that Raghav has fallen in love with her. The D3 team teases Sarah and Rey. Chintu's parents invite the D3 team for dinner. 

  • Episode : 986

    Lakhan and Alok intend to harass the D3 team, and humiliate Rey. Rey sympathises with the D3 team on finding them disturbed. He becomes sad on recalling an incident that he had experienced with Kriya. Sarah's infatuation for Rey motivates her to win his love. Huma is eager to learn about Raghav's relationship with Ishika. The D3 boys and girls manage to relieve themselves from stress, and spend some time together.

  • Episode : 985

    Raghav's doctor is worried about his ailment, and advises him to take care of his health. Swayam becomes upset with Sharon for playing a prank on him. He remains ignorant of Sharon's feelings for him. The D3 team enjoys the delicious food, cooked by Huma and Simi. Sarah is elated on building her affinity with Rey. Lakhan and Alok intend to trouble the D3 team. Lakhan threatens the D3 team to leave Dholgaon. Rey and Swayam protest against him.