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  • Episode : 1011

    Sarah tries to persuade Sharon to not misunderstand Swayam, while Rey vows to reunite Swayam and Sharon. Swayam fails to clear Sharon's misconception regarding him. Karma is confident of winning the bet with the D3 boys.

  • Episode : 1010

    Sharon fails to cope with Swayam's family and expresses her annoyance against them. She decides to stay away from Swayam. A dejected Swayam vents his frustration on his aunt. Rey and Sarah strive to bring the situation under control. 

  • Episode : 1009

    Swayam's family protests against Sharon for violating their rules, while Swayam warns them that they should not hinder Sharon’s freedom. In a state of resentment, Sharon vents her anger on Swayam for not supporting her and decides to end their relationship.

  • Episode : 1008

    Swayam tries to persuade a dejected Sharon to adjust with his conservative family. Meanwhile, Karma’s secret is revealed to Huma. Sarah strives to ease Rey’s tension, while Ishika decides to stay away from Raghav.

  • Episode : 1007

    Huma struggles to overcome her frustration, while Karma tries to impress her in order to win a bet with the D3 boys. Raghav fails to express his love to Ishika but Huma is determined to mend Raghav and Ishika’s relationship.

  • Episode : 1006

    Sharon is disappointed with Swayam's family for hindering her freedom and struggles to adjust with them. Huma reveals to Ishika that she is her secret admirer. Rey explains the layout of his auditorium to Sarah.

  • Episode : 1005

    The D3 team is delighted about Sarah’s return and Bharat agrees to associate with Mrs. Rai Prakash. Swayam and Sharon try to score some alone time but Swayam’s conservative family shadows them.

  • Episode : 1004

    Rey comes to the conclusion that Sarah is the one sending anonymous messages to him. Raghav and Ishika are eager to learn about their secret admirer and approach Huma for information.

  • Episode : 1003

    Rey is fed up of receiving anonymous messages and assumes that Sara is playing a prank on him. The D3 team supports Rey to associate with St. Louis Academy. Rey and Mrs. Rai Prakash finalise their deal regarding the dance academy.

  • Episode : 1002

    Sharon feels uncomfortable to adjust with Swayam's conservative family. However, Swayam tries to persuade her. Rey finds it difficult to associate with St. Louis Dance Academy, and is disturbed after receiving an anonymous letter.