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Sweet, Mild-Mannered and unassuming. He is Reyaansh’s best friend and partner in crime. He has a soft spot for Sharon which is starting to show in his actions. He is always there for his friends with good advice and a shoulder to cry on

She is new to St. Louis but has already made her mark there with her obvious talent for dancing. She is innocent, sweet but easily misled. In some ways, she reminds Reyaansh of Kria, which has led to the start of a new love story with lots of Dil, Dostii and Dance.

The most popular guy in the college and the cool dude with a golden heart. He is charming and dances like a dream. He has had his ups and downs in relationships but carries on believing in the power of love and dance. Coming from an affluent background, he has not let that affect his friendships.

What you see is a spoilt rich-kid with an attitude to match, what you get is an inwardly sensitive girl with a passion for dance. She is Daddy’s little girl who has been pampered growing up but is now learning that friendship and love is about giving and receiving. Lately, she is dealing with her growing feelings for Svayam