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About Crazy Stupid Ishq

About Crazy Stupid Ishq
Crazy Stupid Ishq. A story about 4 young people chasing love, friendship, career and ambitions. 4 youngsters, 5 love stories. Anushka Atwal is like one of those confused who wants to be someone but does not know what; has to go somewhere, but has no clue where. This doesn’t mean that Anushka is not ambitious, infact she is but has no aims, confused with dreams big. Aspires to be someone! Sweet and sexy, nice and cute, Anushka needs to find her roots.

Ayaan Dixit, a great friend and a cool buddy. He wants to achieve a lot and be a great son to a great dad. He is very ambitious and hard working. You can say that in the bunch of his friends Ayaan is the most hardworking amongst the lot. As a friend Ayaan is reliable and kind, true to his words and loyal. That just makes him so adorable!

Ishaan Dixit has something about him that’s truly enigmatic. He definitely has that charm and mystery which can make any girl go crazy. Ishaan is lovable, but don’t even bother to ask his history. At best, you know he is Ayaan’s brother, but differences between them are really something that can watch out for. Both are two sides of the same coin and the only similarity between them is that they both are crazy.

Shanaaya Khan known as the rock star is a skilled musician whom many envy, has a fancy car too. Shanaaya is born with a silver spoon as she is a daughter of a superstar but wants to make her own identity and doesn’t want to be recognized as daddy’s little girl. Will these four find blind and crazy ishq or some silly and lasting friendship - we can only wait and watch!

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Crazy Stupid Ishq
Pampi's parents become worried about her
Pampi desires to become a star. Her parents become worried about her as she invests large amount of money in designing. Pampi's mother, Mrs. Atwal, wants to get her married soon. But her husband, Parmeet, forbids her and wants Pampi to build her career. He becomes disappointed when Mrs. Atwal reminds him of adopting Pampi as their daughter. He asks her not to reveal about the matter to Pampi. Pampi becomes elated on learning about her childhood's friend, Tullu.

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